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Elevate Your Property's Value with Profitable EV Charging

Premium Tesla Hardware, Expert Insights, And Lucrative Profits For Multifamily And Commercial Property Owners

EV charging is not just a property amenity – it’s a property necessity.

EVPM stands as a true partner to multifamily property owners, positioning properties for upside potential while aligning with their interests for long-term success.


Our programs are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of multifamily property owners, going beyond the ordinary with premium hardware, comprehensive site management, and ongoing maintenance.

Dive into a partnership that goes beyond installations – the value we offer our partners comprises top-tier hardware, hands-on real estate knowledge, and a commitment to your property’s long-term profitability.

True Partnership For Profit

As electric vehicle adoption rises, the value of onsite EV chargers cannot be overlooked. EVPM believes in the genuine financial potential of EV chargers and seeks to educate property owners on these valuable opportunities, ensuring they aren’t blindly giving away valuable income.
Any EV charging company can install chargers on your property, but EVPM offers a comprehensive and forward-thinking solution for the installation, maintenance, and management of EV chargers that adapts to meet your property’s needs.
We’re committed to educating our current and potential partners about government incentives and helping them take advantage of the available opportunities to enhance their properties with EV charging infrastructure for low to no cost.
Our team will conduct a free analysis of your property’s potential and offer recommendations for the most suitable charging solution, empowering you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision.

Simplified Solutions

No two properties are exactly the same, which is why we offer customizable charging solutions designed to enhance your property’s value and meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation.

Partnership Advantage

Free Installation And Hardware

EVPM covers all upfront costs including electrical work, installation and hardware. The investment budget is tailored to each property’s revenue potential and unique infrastructure needs.

Revenue Share

Earn a revenue share ranging from 10% to over 25% as the number of EV vehicles increases at your property.

Conditional Install

Installation will only commence once the minimum threshold of EV drivers is reached, ensuring optimal program function and projected returns.

Immediate Access

– Free Installation And Hardware

– Immediate installation upon underwriter’s approval

Owner Investment

– Installation and Management

– 85% revenue retention


Join Us In Shaping A Greener, More Profitable Future For Your Property

Our partnership with Tesla offers a premium solution that is compatible with most property types. We also offer hardware & software from other providers for grant mandates and more complex sites.

The profit-share algorithm we employ is crafted to ensure
your profits grow proportionally with the increasing usage
of EV charging at your property.

Our solutions are designed by a team with an extensive understanding of real estate to meet the unique needs of multifamily and commercial property owners.

Secure a predetermined fund allocation earmarked for your property’s future EV charging infrastructure.

Collective sign-ups contribute to economies of scale, ensuring the best possible solution with hardware discounts and our national installation crew.

Highlight your property as an early adopter of sustainable solutions, attracting environmentally conscious tenants as well as those already driving or considering electric vehicles.


The Future Of Your Property Is Just A Few Clicks Away

Register your property with our partnership program to access the valuable benefits of a seamless and profitable EV charging solution.