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We’re empowering  property owners by partnering with them in the development of EV Charging solutions designed for the real estate industry. 


Empower your property with informed decisions. Request a Complimentary Property Analysis from EVPM. Our team of experts will assess your property’s potential for EV charging, offering valuable insights and suggestions tailored to your needs. No obligations, just expert advice to guide your choices.

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Key Benefits of Hosting

Charging Stations

Charging Stations – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to EV charging, there are a variety of stations designed to fit the needs of every vehicle and property type. All vehicles can charge at levels 1 and 2, but only some are compatible with the much faster and more powerful level 3 stations.


Level 1

This kind of charger is the slowest charging method, with a capacity of 120 volts and an estimated 10+ hours required to reach a full charge.

Level 2

Charging stations in this tier are what you would expect to find in a home or public garage. It also includes RV charging stations.

Level 3

The highest tier of charging stations are called DC Fast Chargers (DCFC), and are the fastest way to charge a vehicle, though not all cars are compatible.

earn your

Fair Share

Many EV charging providers offer property owners a simple revenue share percentage in exchange for the installation and ongoing maintenance of EV Charging stations. Some provide free installation, while others may require a contribution. The specifics often hinge on state incentives and grants.

At first glance, these offers appear fair and enticing for property owners. They provide an essential amenity, handle all aspects of management, and promise a share of the revenue. It seems like a mutually beneficial deal.

However, the reality is that many property owners underestimate the potential income their properties can generate over the course of their contracts.

This underestimation is critical because any loss of potential income will affect  actual property value.

EV Power Matrix (EVPM) addresses this issue through our innovative partnership program. We cap our future earnings from charging revenue and direct any excess income back to property owners. Our program employs an algorithm to establish a baseline Return on Investment (ROI) for our direct investment, with a fixed allotment for operation and maintenance.

Furthermore, any available incentives or grants only add to the benefits for property owners. EVPM’s real estate-focused model is implemented across thousands of properties using a consistent platform. This approach offers significant advantages, including reliability, sustainability, accountability, and cost reduction. It ensures property owners get the most out of their EV charging infrastructure while maintaining their property’s value.

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